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August 13, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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Understanding men has been a life long struggle for me. Most men say one thing mean another and do something entirely different! So when I came across the ebook Men Made Easy I was optimistic of what it offered. Can some random ebook make me understand men more easily? I was tempted by the 60 day full money back guarantee and went ahead with the purchase. After all I thought, if this was a crappy ebook I wouldn’t lose out on money.

Unbiased review of Men Made Easy

Please note that this is not a “you should buy this book” kind of review. What is presented here is my perspective about the book in general, so it includes the good, bad and the ugly!

Men Made Easy: What is it all about?

Simply put it is a “easy to read” guide designed to show women how to transform their relationship and/or marriage life by understanding how men think, feel and react. The book is written by Kara Oh, a dating/relationship coach, seminar leader and inspirational speaker, TV/radio personality.

The strategies described in this book are based on several years of studies and interviews with hundreds of men and women.

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Once you make the purchase you get access to the downloadable eBook Men Made Easy, and the following as well.

  • Audio recording if you really don’t have the time to read through it all or you like to get the information in on the go or who
  • 20-minute Coaching Session by the author to help you with whatever issues or questions you have.
  • Private Support Group where you can ask the author for advice any time of the day or night and you can get support and insight from the other women in the support group.
  • Workbook to help you get more out of this program.

Men Made Easy ebook: The Good and Bad

Men Made Easy ebook is more than your standard issue self-help book for all the broken-hearted women still searching for their perfect Romeo!
It’s a book that’s created to bring out the best in women by helping them to understand and get under the skin of the men they love.

It was starting to grow on me, even with the odd story like writing style that made the book feel like it was a bit watered down to make it an easier read.

As I mentioned above, apart from the best seller guide which is around 180 pages long, it also comes with some useful additions which includes a great workbook, private support group, personal coaching session with Kara Oh and audio version of the book. Personally, it was good value for money. Speaking of money I only bought this because of the 60 day full money back guarantee in the first place!

I’m was a bit bothered by her last comments about feminism. Do equal rights have to effect that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re with someone you care about? Really? Is there anyone else who read this book pretty at odds about this?

But overall, the points the author make are really good and there is a lot of value in reading it if you are feeling a bit disillusioned with your relationship and wondering why you aren’t actually being nice to each other anymore!
I also felt that the book would have had more impact had the author used real life case studies instead of the imaginary characters. But its worth grinning and bearing the writing style because I think most of her suggestions actually work, or at least give you something to think about.

Men Made Easy ebook: Is this book for you

If you are a man, this book is not for you!
For men, there is one section devoted to you, and that’s it. I only recommend buying it, if you are a woman. If you are a man, perhaps you can gift it to your sister, wife, friend etc

More suited for women in a relationship than single women
Most of this book referred to women in relationships couples and did not really seem to delve into single people like me!
While the information was useful to know, I wish it had a tad bit more for someone who is uncommitted and out in the dating scene at the moment!
So, if you are single, I think Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave, would be more appropriate. (read my review on Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave)

All in all, keep in mind that Men Made Easy is not a “magic pill” and the strategies outlined inside the guide will only work for you with some amount of effort on your part. So you should commit yourself to doing the exercises written in the ebook and try to properly implement them. Only then, you will see the result you want!

I hope that this Men Made Easy ebook review was helpful for you.

Visit the official Men Made Easy ebook web site to get more information.

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