Revenge After Break Up: 5 Things To Think About Before Getting Even With Your Ex

April 1, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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After a break up, there are times when you feel “wronged” or “victimized” by your ex’s actions. Or maybe your ex has hurt you in ways you can’t put into words. Deep down, you feel as if your ex has just walked away, without any “justice” being done.


All the mess surrounding your break up can really take a toll on you and tests your character. It’s like a pot of boiling water, too small for its own pot. If you are not careful, it can boil over!

Yes indeed, sometimes, it just pushes you off the edge, of your own decency!

How do I know all this? Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I have definitely fantasized about getting revenge from my ex (to a healthy degree!).

In my journey of getting over my ex, there are few things that I’ve learned about getting revenge after a break up from my ex. I want to share with anyone who is currently considering getting revenge from an ex.

  • Getting revenge from your ex, it will make you happy the very moment you do it. But it will only bring you a temporary satisfaction.
  • You think revenge will make you feel better, but you still feel “unfulfilled”, will hold your ex responsible for their actions. Basically, even after revenge, you will still feel crappy!
  • Some of the things that you do may have a long term impact. Later you will feel guilty and regret your actions.
  • As long as you stay focused on getting revenge from your ex, you are stuck thinking about your ex. The pain of all the actions that you ex has caused will play back over and over in your head. If you have decided put the entire break up mess behind you and move on, getting revenge will hold you back.

When you seek revenge from your ex, you “jeopardize” everything about you, that makes you good. Revenge has its way of destroying the very core of who you are. Don’t let your ex take that away from you.

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