Not Forgiving Your Ex Imprisons You (and Eventually Ruins Your Life!)

February 13, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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When you feel “wronged” or victimized by your ex, often it can take over your entire being. Your life seems to be revolving around that very fact.

You sometimes tend to think,

  • What my ex has done is simply inexcusable!
  • My ex doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.

If you are in a similar situation, you are likely to relate to everything I’ve said so far.
I know all too well, forgiving your ex is hard; it feels near impossible!

Not forgiving your ex imprisons you!

Unless you acknowledge the hatred (and the “rest of the crap”!) and try to sort it out, eventually, it grows like a parasite and starts to eat away the “best of you”.

  • 1. Your inner voice constantly reminds you of all your ex’s wrongdoings
  • 2. No matter how justified you feel about your point of view towards your ex’s actions, you still feel miserable!
  • 3. You are blind to all the wonderful people and things around you
  • 4. You stop appreciating the small things that could make you happy
  • 5. Basically, you are busy being annoyed, angry and you always feel disappointed.
  • 6. It keeps you stuck in the deepest of deprecating ruts.
  • 7. It starts affecting your physical and emotional health.

Unforgiveness is like fixing a glass of poison for your enemy and then drinking it yourself. ~ Susan St. James

And that’s your thought for the day.

I plan to write more on forgiveness, its area I’m struggle myself. I guess I am drinking my own poison!
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