Letting Relationships End

August 12, 2014 by Persha Davis  
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Why is it surprising that sometimes people fade or crash out of our lives as subtly or extraordinarily as they come in?
Letting Relationships End
Why does it feel such a weighty idea that human being cross our paths with a purpose and when that purpose is serviced are paths often divide?

Its hard to believe. Its even harder to bear ; But the truth is that sometimes relationships end. Romances end; the candle burns down or the flames blows out.

Sometimes friendships unravel; the threads fray and get woven else where. Now and again we lose people we don’t want to lose.
Sometimes we part ways mutually. Occasionally we do the leaving. Family members, friends, lovers, spouses … of the myriad of human connections we both build and are born into only some lasts forever.

But I guess not every romance should last forever. If they did we’d all still be with our first love and for many of us our personal development would be significantly stunted by having missed out on all the mistakes and masterpieces that were meant to follow.

We hurt so that we can grow.

The human body is an expert at healing and regenerating. As is the spirit. As is the heard. As is the mind. We fall in love on a daily basis. With people, sunsets, flavors, feelings, experiences. These little bursts of love are often topped the next day, when we meeting another person, see another sunset, taste another flavor… but does that take any of the brilliance from yesterdays’ love ?

Does meeting a new friend take away any of the meaning in a friendship you shared with someone ten years ago?

I am not saying that everything is meant to end.

Sometimes no tangible person, no relationship right in front of you, can fill you with the same certainty as a memory; As the revisiting in your mind’s eye of the experience long since had. When time is no barrier and your vision is crystal clear.

When you can see a person’s purpose in your life, why your paths intersected, why their chapter overlapped with yours.. when you can identify the authenticity and the clarity you gathered from having been you while they were them, from having been those two people in that time, together.. that’s when the sighing value skins in.

The moment when you know the puzzle of your life fits perfectly today for having spilled out and sorted out pieces then.

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