Holiday Break Up? Getting Over A Break Up During The Holidays

December 23, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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Christmas, new year, the holiday season is around the corner. Everyone seems so cheerful and getting over a break up during the holidays is made even more difficult. You see happy families, couple all around or even have found memories of the time you had with your ex. Forgetting your ex, seems near impossible during the holidays!

Well, you might be heart broken and feel really down. However, you can still enjoy the holiday season this year. Don’t let the break up ruin your Christmas and new year.
Last year I wrote the post Christmas Break up: How To Survive Being Dumped During The Christmas Holidays, but thought of adding a bit more to it.

1. Focus your energy on family and friends.
Don’t stay at home thinking about your ex all day. Find out what your friends are doing for Christmas and try to help out in any way you can. Or perhaps you are going to visit your family this year, get involved with various activities so that you can get your mind off your ex.

2. Be will to say “I don’t want to talk about it”
There will be many people who’d want the latest scoop about the break up during family gathers, friends parties etc. People love to gossip especially during the holidays where many people come together. If you are not comfortable talking about it just be straight and say it. Say that you are going through a difficult time and hope the other person can respect that.

3. Give yourself a gift
While you buy many gifts for others during the holiday, want is it that you want? Anything nice and affordable that you’ve been meaning to get for a while? Or many you visit a spar, massage etc just pamper yourself.

4. “It’s ok to go alone”
When your single all at once it can be difficult to walk into parties and various dinners alone. You are so used to going with your ex. Get a friend to tag along or take a family member if you can. Gradually you will get used to this but it will take some time.

While these tips were specific to getting over a break up during the holidays, I’ve written more articles which you might find useful.

dumped breakup reversed

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One Response to “Holiday Break Up? Getting Over A Break Up During The Holidays”
  1. amanda says:

    help me my ex took me to dinner then dumped me in front of the whole school

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