Got Dumped? How to Let Go and Walk Away with Dignity Intact

November 28, 2013 by Persha Davis  
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You really thought he was “the” one but you got dumped. It sucks big time. You know that it’s time to let go but every muscle in your body(and your mind!) won’t let you walk away. It’s like there a magnetic field that keeps you drown to your partner.

Your have many ideas and plenty of “what if” questions you want to try out. In your mind, you have plenty of reasons as to why the two of you should stay together. You want to convince him that he shouldn’t give up so easily. You think he is being unfair and that he should give the relationship a chance after all, you love him enough for the both of you.

Got Dumped
Does that sum up what you are feeling right now? I know all this because this was the exact same thing I was thinking when I initially got dumped. It took me far too much time and agony to realize that relationships are a two way street.

I’ve already made the mistakes and learned the hard way. So I am writing this post to spare you from the humiliation and agony of clinging on until the bitter end.

Don’t try to convince your ex

The first few days after being dumped, you get this urge to convince your ex that the break up is a big mistake. You have many examples to say that the two of you’ll were good together. Or you think that he is not thinking clearly; Or you let him know that no one else will love him like you do. May be it’s true. May be he also knows that. But still…even after knowing all these things he dumped you… Harsh I know.

So don’t go after someone who doesn’t want you, you deserve better! Basically, don’t cry over someone who won’t cry for you.

Don’t beg or plead

This is the worst kind of humiliation you can sink to. Don’t beg for extra time, don’t plead to get back together.
Even if your ex gives into it, it will most probably be because of sympathy more than anything else. You might still have the relationship for a few more week, but if the same issues surface you will be dumped second time around.

Don’t resort to revenge

So you are angry. In fact you are furious! You want to destroy everything your ex owns, or damage it in some way so that the pain you are going through right now, will be felt by your ex too.

Read Revenge After Break Up: 5 Things To Think About Before Getting Even With Your Ex

Don’t threaten to hurt your self

You want to jump off a building? commit suicide ? You hope that if you say this your ex will come back? It will only make your ex feel sorry for you. Your ex might even give in for a while just so to keep you from harming yourself.
However, if you really feel like harming yourself you should seek professional help, seriously.

It’s time to let go and move on

Letting go, starts with accepting that the relationship is over. Sometimes in order to move on with dignity, we have to swallow our pride and our love for the other person. Remember that you are loved, even if your ex is not in love with you.

So hold your head high, move on and Be The Woman Men Adore And Never Want To Leave.

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