Getting Past Your Breakup:Good Book To Starting Moving On With Life After A Breakup

June 4, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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Getting Past Your Breakup is one of the books I got as a “sympathy” gift. My good friend Lila was really feeling sorry for what I had to go through and I guess she couldn’t bare to see me in such pain and misery.
I was at a stage in my life where I was completely lost.. shocked by the overwhelming feeling of “what now”…”how do I get through this”.

I think this book was laying around for about another one month, before I finally decided to browse through it. While I was skimping through the chapters, I realized that this is one of those books that will actually help me towards moving on, getting past my breakup.

A quick browse through of Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Chapter 1, Road Map to Healing: How This Book Will Change Your Life
A quick peak into how the book is structured and what is in store to come.

Chapter 2, The Rules of Disengagement
Going “No Contact” with Your Ex is devoted to the hardest thing; not being in touch with your ex. It details why you need to separate emotionally, physically, and psychologically from the relationship, and the biggest mistake that will hinder that separation is continued contact.

Chapter 3, Grief as the Healing Feeling
Explains the process of grief and how to cope with each phase as well as how to know that you are nearing the end of the process.

Chapter 4, Taking care of yourself
Highlights how to immediately begin incorporating being good to yourself into your daily life. Additionally you will learn how to journal, write affirmations and gratitude lists, retrain your brain away from obsessive like, getting revenge from your ex!

Chapter 5, Seven Rules for Making Things Easier for Your Children
Is a practical chapter and is designed for newly single parents. Raising children is exhausting under optimal circumstances, but after a breakup it can be extremely challenging. This chapter gives straight advice on how to cope with the children and help them cope with the breakup.

Chapter 6, Bringing the Big Picture into Focus: The Relationship and Life Inventories
A look back to examine not only your last relationship but all of the relationships in your life. The most important piece of work you will do to get beyond this breakup is taking the Relationship Inventory.

Chapter 7,Where Do You End and I Begin? Developing Limits and Boundaries
Is a look at how to take care of yourself in relationships. Developing boundaries is probably the most productive thing you can do to ensure a healthy and happy life because boundaries are the key to all loving relationships.

Chapter 8, Moving On: The Path to Real Love
Will help you decide whether you want another relationship and, if so, what you want from that relationship. I actually discovered how to find the joy (yes, joy!) in being single so that I am never so dependent on a relationship that I settle for less than I deserve.

Chapter 9, “Letters from Readers and Frequently Asked Questions.”
The Q & A chapter has actual e-mails and messages from readers of the “Getting Past Your Past” blog. Here you will find common concerns, questions, thoughts, and feelings similar to your own and learn how best to deal with them.

My View: Is Getting Past Your Breakup worth reading?

  • Honestly, I will never forget this book or the lessons I’ve learned because of it. I will buy it as a gift for anyone of my friends/family who will encounter future breakups, because it is useful.
  • If at all there was something I didn’t like in this book, it’s the affirmations and writing gratitude lists. This seemed pretty obvious to me, but another reader may feel differently.
  • If you do read it, do the homework(/exercises) – it makes the process so much easier to let go of the bad & look forward to your future.

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