Getting Back With Your Ex: Desperate Pleadings You Should Not Fall For

November 30, 2009 by Persha Davis  
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Getting Back With Your Ex

Getting Back With Your Ex

After a break up it can be hard to see straight, let alone think straight! It is even harder when you break up with someone that you still have feelings for. Perhaps, getting back with your ex was something you’ve pondered over and over again, but decided against it. However, if your ex is also thinking about getting back with you, they will try to convince you that the break up was a big mistake.
Given below are some common things your ex might say, hoping you will take pity.

“Please don’t do this to me”

Ending a relationship that was once something wonderful between the two of you, is emotional destabilizing. It’s bad enough that you had to pile up the courage and initiate the break up. Hearing these words now, may spark that guilty feeling again.

“I can’t live without you”

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I said this myself to my ex several years ago! He insisted that we end the relationship but I was holding on to something I never had ( Of course, I didn’t have that sense and sensibility to realize that at that time!) I couldn’t imagine a life without him. I was convinced that I couldn’t live without him.

Here I am, several years later… still breathing!

I am living proof that your ex can live without you. It’s not pleasant, it’s not fun, but it’s also not fatal. The pain will never go away completely, but with time it will subside.

“I love you so much. Why can’t you see that?”

With this sentence the emotional tug of war begins. In most cases, you don’t break up because you are so in love with each other. You break up because one or both parties are unhappy.

“I’ll do anything.”

R i g h t! Now this one though, is surely unbelievable. How can someone do anything? Your ex should have done “anything” when the two of you were together, not NOW.

“I have changed”

Real change manifests itself with actions. If your ex has to use words to say this, then obviously it has not reflected in action.

“You ‘re making a big mistake”

Don’t let these words tempt you into getting back together. As time goes by you might forget exactly how bad it was.
My question to you is

Can you really believe that the one who hurt you most, won’t hurt you again?

If for some valid reason, you are getting back with your ex, make sure that it’s thoroughly thought through, and NOT a hasty decision. You don’t want to go through the same break up process with the same person again, now do you?

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4 Responses to “Getting Back With Your Ex: Desperate Pleadings You Should Not Fall For”
  1. Date Girl says:

    I don’t know of very many people who have gotten back with their ex who are still together, or look back on it and say, “oh yeah, that was a good idea”. It’s almost always a mistake. I’ve fallen for the “I’ve changed” routine in the past, and felt like a fool when he cheated again. So my philosophy is, they’re an ex for a REASON!

  2. ron(rustic) says:

    i feel sad for my self but i have to do this….but still shes special to me…..


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