58 Practical Ways To Cut Off Contact With Your Ex And Stay Away from Your Ex

October 3, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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“You have to cut off all contact and stay away from your ex”, said one of my friend’s who was trying to help me get past my recent breakup. In theory, this sounds so easy; but in reality your fingers want to waltz in direction of your ex number phone number!
So I know all too well, that it’s not easy as the written word, to cut off contact with my ex!

I am listing out all possibilities to cut off contact with your ex. It’s up to you to decided what is best suited for your situation.
Some of these may sound a bit too extreme for you. It all depends on the sort of breakup you had. If the breakup was a mutual understanding, and you have no problems withing in contact with your ex, then I doubt that all this is needed.

Cut Off Technology Links to Stay Away From Your Ex

1. Erase your ex’s phone number from your phone (Block the number if you have to!)
2. Don’t pick up the phone if your ex calls (again easier said than done I know!)
3. Keep your ex’s email address out of your online address book
4. Unfriend your ex from facebook/my space. It isn’t healthy to obsess over his or her wall posts, status updates and photos. Basically, don’t be friends with them on Facebook.
5. Unfollow your ex from twitter. Following your ex’s tweets won’t help you move on from the relationship.
6. Discipline.. discipline! Don’t google your ex!

Avoid Common Places to Stay Away From Your Ex

7. Don’t take the route to where your ex is living just so you can have a glimpse!
8. Avoid your Ex’s workplace (if you don’t happen to work together!)
9. Avoid your Ex’s favorite hang out places. Don’t think you can reverse your breakup.
10. If you have friend in common, then you need to figure out a way to handle that

Extract Your Ex To Cut Off Contact

11. Take down all your ex pictures, perhaps you have pictures of happier times
12. Box up anything that reminds you of your ex that may be in your apartment/house

Reclaim your space as your space

13. Move your furniture around, so that it won’t look too familiar
14. Buy fresh new bedding
15. Redecorate your room space – Out with the Old, In with the New
16. Change your daily routine. Meet new people, make new friends.

Keep Yourself Busy To Stay Away From Your Ex

17. Find a new hobby (learn to play the guitar, start a new blog)
18. Volunteer your time for a worthy cause
19. Read a book on, How To Be The Woman Men Adore And Never Want To Leave!
20. Anything you can to do further your career? learn more about, take a class, pass an exam
Here’s more!, 38 Ways To Keep Busy After A Break Up

What has worked for you to cut off contact with your ex after the break up?

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5 Responses to “58 Practical Ways To Cut Off Contact With Your Ex And Stay Away from Your Ex”
  1. Yanti says:

    My exboyfriend dump me. We have been together for 2 1/2years. He dump me becos he is patching up with his ex wife back. I cant stop falling in love with him and keeps on thinking of him only. what should i do?

  2. Gunasekaran says:


    My girl friend leave me one month back i cannot live without her…

    i need ur advice..

  3. I broke up with my abusive boyfriend 4 months ago. I deleted and blocked his phone numbers from my phones, blocked his emails, blocked him on facebook, and then ended up putting a restraining order on him because he was harassing me and vandalized my property.

    Guys and gals, my word of advice to you is to NOT sell yourself short. If you’re in an abusive relationship, or with a partner who is emotionally unavailable (married, have ties with exes) get out.

    Discover your personal values, self worth, work on your self esteem. Heal emotionally. Then you will find the right one for you.

  4. ben judilla says:

    To Yanti,

    Get a life, thinking about him make you more to want him, get real and talk to your friends or relative the more you talk to them make you feel better, this is what i do, hang around with them and make yourself busy, you desrved better.

  5. ben judilla says:

    To gunasekaran,

    time will heal, it take’s more than that but you have to make yourself busy and meet new friends, she’s not the only fish in the sea, write down the positive and negative of your relationship and try to think if it’s really spending time with her….goodluck

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