38 Ways To Keep Busy After A Break Up

December 11, 2009 by Persha Davis  
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Keep Busy After A Break up

Keep Busy After A Break up

After a break up, the busy schedule you had before the break up, doesn’t seem that important any more. You suddenly feel like you have so much more time on your hands. This opens the door to a million and one reminders of your ex which haunt you day in and day out.

I have been in similar situations myself and I KNOW how hard it is to keep busy after a break up. It’s true that you have to deal with the sadness and not deny it or push it aside. However, that doesn’t mean you can or should let yourself wallow in it. I realized that if my mind was not occupied (with things that didn’t include my ex!), it got busy pulling me further down the depths of despair!

Given below are a few things I tried to keep myself busy with, after my recent break up. Hope you will benefit from them too.

Entertainment activities to keep you busy after a break up

1. Host a movie marathon. Don’t forget popcorn!
2. Watch a whole TV series on DVD
3. Play Nintendo wii, Xbox Live or some kind of online game.
4. Crank up some music and dance!
5. Find silly videos on Youtube
6. Sing karaoke (sing even if you can’t!)

Zumba after breakupLANoireKinetSports

Physical activities to keep you busy after a break up

6.Paint a room in your house. Or do a painting of a room in your house.
7. Go for run in the park
8.Clean out the garage, the attic or the basemen etc and have a garage sale (you’ll free up space and make a bit of cash while you’re at it!)
9.Organize your closet
10.Go to the gym for a workout
12.Enroll for a social dancing class. Jive, waltz, Salsa
13. Plant flowers. If you don’t have anywhere to plant them outdoors, plant them in a pot indoors instead.
14.Go to your nearest hiking trail and go for a hike
15.Clean the trash out of the car, wipe down that dusty dashboard. Wash the car!

Creative activities to keep you busy after a break up

16.Create a comic book (where your Ex can have any face you want!)
17.Find a new project/hobby (I started blogging! Ha ha) Cook, bake – find some new recipes and try them out
18.Redecorate your bedroom
19.Learn to play a musical instrument (self learn the guitar, piano etc)

Self improvement activities to keep you busy after a break up

20.Learn a new language
21.Enroll in a class that might further your career
22.Read good book on what men want from women (no… not that!)!
23.Read one of the best books on getting over a breakup Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

General activities to keep you busy after a break up

24.Catalog your books/DVDs etc (I came across a blog post How To De-Junk A DVD Collection. It was very useful)
25.Organize your iTunes library, create some new playlists
26.Join an online forum and contribute
27.Call a friend and catch up
28.Get an extra job
29.Volunteer for cause you believe in (this really helped me feel good about myself)
30.Take a bubble bath
31.Plan a party (warning: don’t invite your ex)
32.Go to a beauty salon and get a makeover
33.Make a to-do list for the rest of the week.
34.Babysit for a friend (toddlers have a funny way of erasing your troubles, even if it’s for a while)
35.Get rid of 5 things you never wear to make room for your next shopping trip.
36.File away any loose papers and pay bills.
37.Do a crossword, sudoku, riddles or trivia to make yourself even smarter.
38.Chat. Use a chat program to chat randomly with strangers.

How about you? How have you kept yourself busy after your breakup? Any ideas you can add to this list, and share with others?

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34 Responses to “38 Ways To Keep Busy After A Break Up”
  1. Walter says:

    I have had a bad experience about brake-up. The only thing I did to forget my misery is to drink beer. I’m glad I have recovered from it. :-)

  2. Persha says:

    Good to hear that you recovered. Otherwise, we would run out of beer!

  3. With all the doggone weather we have had as of late I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. :)

  4. Just killing some time on Stumbleupon and I found your entry. Not typically what I prefer to read about, but it was definitely worth my time. Thanks.

  5. Hey, I think your mostly on point with this, I wouldn’t say I totally agree , but its not really that much of a deal .

  6. Alprazolam says:

    Here’s a comment. Great advice =) Thanks

  7. Pradeep N says:

    I think the best way to overcome this is to do all the activities which ur ex wasnt like it…This is applicabl only if ur ex has dumped u…

  8. Thanks for writing this I’ll tell my partner and see what she thinks.

  9. I absolutely enjoy reading your articles, the variety of writing is outstanding.This blog as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed in feedmaker. Your site looks fantastic.

  10. You have a way with words, but remember by and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth

  11. Monica Ramie says:

    Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

  12. Lol, what else can be said.

  13. Fiona Davis says:

    Hello There. I found your weblog the usage of msn. This is a very smartly written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  14. ccbubble says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, it´s very useful. You know. .. I feel really bad after this break up, my heart aches, and I am in a sort of a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes I feel neutral, sometimes bad, sometimes exultant, and sometimes depressed, it´s very difficult. But I can´t stop thinking about him at work, that´s very frustrating because I have to do many things I just can´t focus myself, what can I do in this case???

  15. Elishicahag says:

    An important lever for continual action in treating poverty and decreasing hunger is dollars.

  16. Lora says:

    Great article, thanks! While not going through a break-up, my husband is away quite a bit for business. Your paint a room tip is exactly what I do when he’s gone any longer than a week. Just make sure that the television or radio is playing while you work- it’s just too quiet and lonely without it!

  17. masiku zulu says:

    iam 20 and have never been in a relationship is it okay!

  18. chloe says:

    I memorise a bible verse, a long uncommon bible verse. This keeps my mind so busy that i move on before i know it. It redirects my focus

  19. chrissy says:

    I just recently got over a hard break up.. last couple of weeks have been no good, and today I thought to myself, ‘i need something new.’ Keeping busy surely does help. I’m just glad I thought of looking some tips up and found this website.. thank you for all the ideas!

  20. guest01 says:

    I believe this site need some more intersting things. I’ve heard this stuff before need to improve. And oh I will be posting my own thoughts of how to stay busy after a break up

  21. hyper says:

    we broke up almost 1 month…but we stil friends on fb and then he’s still texting on me..actualy we’re friends after all wut he has done to me…. i kept myself busy but i cant..

  22. stephen says:

    there is two 6’s

  23. aldrich says:

    woo. this might help me .

  24. Matt says:

    You have 39 ways listed here. There are two number 6’s. Thanks though for all the suggestions.

  25. Unknown says:

    I was in a relationship with a girl for past 5 years there were many ups and downs in our relation my whole career has been spoiled just because of her i am not even graduate and i am 25 now She is still with me but she use to trouble me a lot she pretends to be the happiest person in this world and that is killing me day by day its not that i am jealous i always thinked of her for our future but now i seriously want to concentrate on my future and i want to leave her i dont know how i’ll do this shes uploading her disgusting photographs on facebook which was annoying me so i deactivated my account also please help me out plz i need serious attention.

  26. Angie says:

    I had the most painful break up: near valentines day.
    So I raised money for kids with heart trouble instead and it really helped


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