22 Ways You Make Your Life More Miserable After A Break Up

February 22, 2011 by Persha Davis  
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It’s bad enough that the break up itself makes you miserable. You feel like your whole world just turned upside down; you feel incapable of going on. At the same time, you (unconsciously?) do more things to make life even more miserable after a break up! These are a few ways you might be digging your own grave. Wake up!


How your mind makes your life miserable after a break up

1. You blame yourself for the break up
2. Feel that you are not good enough
3. Wonder what you could have done differently
4. Think that the person who broke your heart, is the only one for you
5. Compare yourself to your ex’s new partner
6. Think there is no purpose in living
7. Not dealing with your emotions
8. Keeping hope alive that you will get back together

How your daily activities make your life miserable after a break up

9. Mope around in pajamas for days
10. Jumping into a relationship with someone too soon (rebound dating)
11. Keeping tabs on your ex
12. Turning Into a party animal
13. Plotting revenge on your ex
14. Drowning your sorrows in alcohol
15. Keep contact with your ex
16. Waiting by the phone hoping your ex will call
17. Holding on to things that remind your of your ex
18. Listing to depressing break up songs
19. Desperately pleading with your ex, to take you back
20. Joining sites like BeNaughty.com and trying to find dates.
21. Ignoring your friends and family who want to help you, get through this break up period
22. Neglecting your current responsibly in the face of being dumped (kids, work etc)

If you recently went through a break up or is going through a agonizing break up, I’m sure you’ll have plenty to add to this list.
How have you made your life more miserable? Anything more you would like to add from your experience? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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3 Responses to “22 Ways You Make Your Life More Miserable After A Break Up”
  1. BadBreakup says:

    I like how you have covered the specific things NOT to do. There are far to many “what to do” sites when dealing with a bad break up.

    There are many things you can do to get your ex back, and this list shows you what not to do!

  2. Stupidlyinlove says:

    I just went though a bad break up they cheated I am torn do I get back with them. It happened the day after my birthday and it just goes round in my head like a carousel I am trying to get myself together but it’s so hard. I considering suicide.

  3. faruque hussain says:

    its very true that when relationships break emotions leaks out from places you least expected.the one and only thing that can kee you alive is hope no matter how we are hurt,if love was true its bound to come back because or heart never understands what our minds tries to say.its been past 6 month my ex gf/love didnt forgave me,or i may she has forgiven me but not want me back in her life.even if she says infront of me or this world that she have forgotten me or she not feeling love for me i wont beleive it..how so ever.its my destiny you ma say but seriously i will be waiting 4 her…our love was pure,non-materialistic….
    i have failed in every aspect of life,she doing hat a failure like me should get…i dont desrve her,,,but my love truly was meant for her..hope is alive till i am alive

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